# About This is a fun little experiment to build something using the Keybase filesystem. As I flesh this site out, I'm storing some fun stuff in my `/public` folder, which you may want to check out. This'll also contain a list of things I currently find interesting. I'll post essays here from time to time. ## 1. A POCORGTFO mirror This is a masterfully published (самиздат) magazine dedicated to [hacking](http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/H/hacker.html) and the worship of weird machines. You can find the volumes in [/public/poppingtonic/POCORGTFO](https://keybase.pub/poppingtonic/POCORGTFO/). ## 2. ICML 2015 Deep Learning Workshop + Video Recordings [can be found here](http://dpkingma.com/?page_id=483).